Most business travellers today are looking for services that they can easily avail through just a few clicks or swipe. This changing preference of travelers is the reason why most companies today claim that they have advanced and easy-to-use booking tools that traveller can use anytime, anywhere.

But the truth is, many corporate travellers are still having a hard time to book their needed services because of delays. Considering that booking flights, luxury chauffeur car service, and hotels can take a lot of time, there are certain factors that may affect the efficiency of such process. Extreme weather conditions, security breach, and misplaced information about your booking are just the typical obstacles a traveller can encounter when booking a travel service these days.

To help you detect these annoyances and have sufficient time to formulate plans ahead of time for your booking needs, in this article, we will discuss the different reasons why business travel booking is still a time-consuming process and how will you deal with this kind of travel disruption.

  • Embed your Consumer Rights in the Booking Process and Reevaluate Why the Booking Process is Delayed

–    We have to admit that the most disappointing part when booking is the delayed response for the approval of your chosen service. As a business executive traveller, it is never wrong to be strict with the transaction of your bookings. Most companies who cater the needs of travellers have their understanding with the travel essentials of business people, and it is the right of the traveller to demand faster assistance in time of delay by relaying consumer rights to the booking company.

  • Choose the Best Digitalized Travel Booking Tool that Centralizes your Data

–    What exactly are corporate travel booking tools? These platforms – otherwise known as online booking tools – are digital solutions companies use to manage their organizational travel needs. If you’re a growing company, it might be time to move your employees away from consumer sites like Expedia and, and onto a platform that allows you more control over your travel spend.

  • Always Include an Alternative Lodging through your Travels

–    According to a 2018 report, only 30% of business traveller respondents said their company travel policies allowed home-sharing accommodation options. Considering that 70% of those respondents expected to stay at alternative lodgings on their business trips, companies have been slow to engage with the sharing economy and the benefits it has to offer their employees on business trips.

With one in ten Airbnb bookings being used for business in 2017, traditional corporate hotels are a thing of the past, and alternative lodgings can’t be ignored by travel management anymore. Including these options in your company’s travel policy means your employees can stay in comfort, with greater availability, and at lower prices too.


With the vast options of booking companies that claims better service and right booking tools for your mobile phone, it seems to be overwhelming considering that most value low prices and one-click reservations. It is essential to evaluate booking companies first by researching for feedbacks, comparing their prices to other companies, and directly interviewing them about how you plan your trip.

Travel disruptions are inevitable, this also is the cause of every delay, but being a smart traveller requires experience for you to formulate better solutions to your next travel destination.

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