When you need to hire luxury chauffeur service for you or your employees next business travel, you need to consider a plethora of different factors to ensure the success of the trip.

Although the process of finding a reliable chauffeur car service provider seems like very tedious at first, you can establish a criteria based on a few qualities to make the process much faster and ensure that the company you hire is really competent and offers you the type of chauffeur driven car you are expecting for a reasonable price.

Here are things you should look for when hiring a luxury chauffeur service:

  1. Cost

When looking for ground transport, many travel managers fail to make a connection between the cost of hiring a chauffeured service vs renting a car. Although car rental may seem the cheaper option when the hidden costs are taken into account – fuel, extra taxes for insurance, licensing fees – you may find yourself paying double than what you would if you hire a chauffeured service.

That said, a reliable luxury chauffeur service company should offer you a reasonable price for their service package. The price you pay for their service means you don’t have to worry about extra costs – you just enjoy your trip. With Hyryde, you spend less money than with a rental.

  1. Safety Standards

Upholding Duty of Care is very crucial if your employees often travel over long distances. Therefore, it’s imperative that you choose a company with a fleet that has passed safety standards and testing. Some safety factors you need to consider are the following:

  • Age of the fleet.
  • Safety features of the chauffeur car.
  • Certification of drug and alcohol testing compliance.
  • Driver’s certification and driving permits.
  • Automobile liability insurance coverage.
  1. Comfort

Next to safety as a priority is the comfort of the employees while inside the car. Therefore, a reliable chauffeur car drive service company should have superior fleet fit to meet the ground transport expectations of travelling business people.  They should also have a roster of carefully selected and highly-trained chauffeurs to drive these cars and to provide luxury chauffeur service at all time.

These two cannot exist without the other so make sure that the company has both to ensure that travellers will only experience an incident-free, luxuriant journey.

  1. Ease of Booking

Last but not the least, choose a company that provides a fast and easy way of booking a chauffeur service. As much as possible, hire a company that allows for online booking  so you will be able to view your scheduled rides, get quotes, review ride history, and give your with real-time updates about the location and arrival time of their chauffeur.

Consider all these factors, and once you made up your mind, book in advance with an experienced executive chauffeur driven car service like Hyryde.  Our professional chauffeurs are highly trained and certified to meet all your ground transport needs, so you can be more productive and stay comfortable all throughout your trip.

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