Chauffeur drivers are trained on a professional level to take proper safety precautions whenever they’re behind the wheels with a business executive. On the other hand, a commercial driver professionally handles heavy trucks and other vehicles used for transportation of various cargo.

Given their roles, we can easily determine their scope of expertise as drivers. If you are looking for a luxury chauffeur service search for a company that has employees that have professional license for driving. For commercial driving services, it is also essential if the drivers you will be hiring are ensured to have a commercial driver’s license before hitting down the road.

To help you understand how chauffeur’s license and commercial driver’s license differ, we detail in this article different questions that you should know to properly distinguish their roles.

  • What are the specific roles of a CDL and a Chauffeur License?

It is all know that both commercial operators and chauffeur have distinctive driving responsibilities and performs different services, with the latter mainly catering to business travellers’ ground transport needs, and the former for cargo transportation.

An operator’s license is what most people mean when they use the term “driver’s license.” An operator’s license allows a person to drive passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating capacity of less than 26,000 pounds.

On the other hand, A chauffeur license is required if you have been hired to transport passengers, operate a vehicle with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds, and operate a limousine.

  • Is a chauffeur license a CDL?

Transportation and the moving of materials have been parts of the fastest growing segment of the job sector among small businesses in recent years.But whether you are looking to hire drivers for your small business or aim to become a driver, you should understand that certain vehicle operators need specialty commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) and special certifications depending on the type of vehicle to be driven or material or persons to be transported. There are three types of CDLs: Class A, Class B, and Class C.

  • Is CDL a professional license?

The Federal Government has cracked down on professional drivers, primarily long distance or over the road truck drivers, who obtained licenses in different states to spread point violations around and avoid losing their license to drive in any one state. There is now a nationwide Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) system which limits a professional driver to one state license and makes sure that any CDL violations received in one state are transferred to the state in which that driver is licensed.

  • Why do you need to Hire A Licensed Chauffeur Service for your company?

Chauffeurs are professional drivers. They transport people in a range of vehicles, including standard cars, vans and limousines. Passengers of chauffeurs prearrange their trips either directly with the chauffeur or the chauffeur’s employer or booking service. The reason why executive travelers should hire a luxury chauffeur service for their trip is to maintain their safety and productivity in times of travel mishaps. This particular service can be reliable anytime and whenever since they are trained to deliver quality customer service.

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