In our previous post, we have discussed how to plan efficiently for ground transportation during corporate events. However, though you already know how to coordinate with your chosen ground transportation partner, but have you already realised how their service had affected the success of your corporate event?

Aside from ensuring the comfort of the attendees, there are still some compelling reasons why providing ground transportation for attendees should be a core component of your next corporate events. Read on as we discuss in this post how group ground transportation influences the outcome of corporate affairs.

  1. It Promotes Attendance

When the attendees are provided with a premium chauffeured service to and from the event, they are much more likely to attend. The distance of the venue is one of the deciding factors for many attendees. So, by making it easy for them to get to the venue and to wherever they will be going afterward, you will be able to ensure your invited guests to be present at the event.  

  1. It Fosters Camaraderie

If you are going to conduct a large event, then it is possible that some of your guests will arrive at some form of mass transportation. Depending on the distance, some of them might find themselves on the same plane, train, or bus. It is also likely that they know each other, too. In such cases, group ground transportation can be the perfect choice to create a comfortable atmosphere for bonding and networking.

Group transportation vehicles offer a substantial space for employees and their seniors to engage in casual conversation while traveling to and from the venue. By the time they arrive at the venue, smaller groups are already formed, thus encouraging higher engagement during the event.

  1. It Ensures a Safe and Satisfying Travel

Choosing a group ground transportation will also alleviate the mind of your attendees from the worries of traffic, getting lost, or finding a reliable taxi or rental car. As such, they can travel to and from the event with ease, and your event can start on time because of the coordinated service from your chosen chauffeured service company. Hyryde ensures that all our chauffeurs are highly skilled and trained not only in driving but also in providing excellent customer service to all our clients.

  1. It Enhances Your Brand as Employer

Providing ground transportation for your employees can also benefit your reputation as an employer. They will feel they are an essential part of the organisation and that you do not compromise their comfort and pleasure. As such, employees are more likely to stay loyal to your company, and potential partners and even customers will put their confidence into a business that gives them extra-special treatment.

  1. It Protects the Environment

By providing group ground transportation, you are also reducing your carbon footprint and at the same time, making your event a lot easier to attend for the attendees. A single chauffeured vehicle ensures that pollution is lowered to a minimum and that all attendees are picked up and arrive at the destination promptly. Furthermore, the attendees will not have to struggle to find a parking spot at the venue.

Though this might come as secondary, more and more business leaders highly appreciate a company that is environment-friendly and uses eco-friendly methods to do business. This might result in even higher profits for your company, as your reputation in your industry increases and your brand name becomes more well-established.