As the World moves to the stage of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the uncertainty in the travel sector is how travellers will maintain safe measures during the recovery period, and beyond.

HYRYDE Care Guide:

HYRYDE have taken the following procedures to implement a policy that will follow strict guidelines for all passengers, chauffeurs, and employees.

Passengers / Chauffeurs / Vehicles

I. Welcome care package provided for every passenger

a. FFP2 & 3PLY re-usable face mask

b. Antibacterial hand sanitizer 80% alcohol

c. Disposable gloves

d. Antibacterial surface wipes

e. Carry pouch bag

II. Chauffeurs

a. Mask worn on every journey by Chauffeur

b. No handshakes, a professional welcome greet

c. Will open door for client, when entering and exiting the vehicle

d. Lateral tests will be carried out only upon requests

III. Vehicles

a. Daily deep clean of Vehicles

b. Protecting of all client touch points cleaned and sanitised before each journey

c. Internal deep clean of vehicles after each day

d. Paperless material on board – No magazines or newspapers

IV. Vehicle Capacity

a. 3 passengers within the same bubble – all Sedans

b. 7 passengers within the same bubble – Business V-Class

c. Each job request will be taken into consideration for you the safety of passengers and Chauffeur

Strategic Partners & Affiliates

I. In accordance with all processes

a. All affiliates and strategic partners will implement all HYRYDE processes, to ensure consistent safety measures for every part of the service.