With the round-the-clock monitoring of the World Health Organization, particularly in the ground transportation sector, updates to the industry with important information regarding the current situation with the new social due to the COVID-19 pandemic is vital to adaptation.

The complications it causes have led to uncountable deaths worldwide, resulting in lockdowns in various countries. Everyone is reminded to stay at home, perform proper sanitation, and keep social distance, as it helps to slow down the spread of the virus. However, these safety precautions have caused the fall down of a lot of industries and the economy.

While the World Health Organization has advised those planning to travel, to seek advice regarding their destination, the ground transportation sector have implemented processes to keep all passengers and chauffeurs safe. Local Governments are also providing each industry the chance to gain their stability by implementing the new social setup.

Despite some restrictions, the ground transportation sector still continues to provide a good quality of service and duty of care for the private and corporate sector.

Chauffeurs are recognized with their dedication and passion for giving their best skills and knowledge to provide ground transportation services for business travellers. The current situation never stops them from sustaining these characteristics as credible chauffeur services work hand in hand in implementing each safety measure stated by the World Health Organization. This includes the following:

  • Frequent hand sanitation before and after every trip
  • Vehicle disinfection inside and out
  • No handshake policy
  • Luggage assistance permission
  • Correct PPE on every trip
  • Keep social distancing

Reliability, safety and excellence of service is paramount for Hyryde. Performing safety measures before having clients on board and ensuring the customer service process is above and beyond.

Although the outside surface of a vehicle only has a small percentage of potentially carrying viruses, every chauffeur is advised to conduct disinfection, particularly on touchpoints, the same is implemented for the interior parts. From its steering wheel to seats and dashboards, each feature must be kept sanitized at all times.

On the other hand, while a chauffeur is also known for being courteous towards clients, everyone is advised to avoid any form of physical contact such as handshakes. They are also notified to implement a facemask at all times policy.

Chauffeurs must ensure all business travellers are comfortable and travelling in luxury as expected with a chauffeur service, even with the new normal, and while it is advised to keep at least 3 to 6 feet away, chauffeurs will do their best to reach out to their clients by asking permission before assisting with their luggage.

Guarantee your business traveller’s safety and comfort while travelling, hire a chauffeur service and bring your business back to life. If you want to know more about the best chauffeur services, don’t hesitate to call (UK T) +44 20 7117 6023 (USA T) +1 855 901 0303, or email us at info@hyryde.co.uk.