Flying can be an exhausting experience. Aside from sitting long hours on the plane, many business travellers find the experience of getting through the airport frustrating and draining. With its endless lines and hordes of people lugging massive luggage, trudging through the airport can feel like the biggest hurdle between you and your destination.

If you will be on a trip soon and tired of wasting time getting to the airport, then worry no more. Read on as we detail in this post some quick tips that will help you save time on the airport.

  1. Check-in Online

Checking in online is the easiest way to cut off your time at the airport. It lets you skip the check-in line and print your boarding pass in advance. Depending on your airline of choice, you may also be able to pick or change your seat.

  1. Book an Early Flight

Flights scheduled for take-off between 6 and 10 in the morning are often less likely to be delayed than departures later in the day.  Early-morning flights are also often cheaper than their later counterparts because people would much rather sleep than head to the airport at the crack of dawn.

  1. Sign Up for TSA Pre-Check

TSA pre-check is the expedited screening program that allows low-risk passengers to use fast-tracked security line – meaning you do not have to take off your shoes or remove liquids or laptops from your bags. It comes at a cost, however- around $85 for a five-year membership – but the convenience it provides is definitely worth it.

  1. Do Not Check a Bag

Checking in luggage is another time-waster at the airport. If you can travel with just a carry-on, you can skip the line at the check-in counter and head out straight to security. But if you are going with some heavy luggage, you can save time at the airport by weighing your bags in advance. Make sure none of your bags exceeds your airline’s weight limits for checked luggage to ensure that you are not left panicking to repack all of your bags when you arrive at the airport.

  1. Install Useful Travel Apps

Downloading business travel apps can come very handy if you need real-time updates on gate changes, flight delays and cancellations. Other apps can also be handy for tracking weather and checking in on nearby hotels in case your flight get delayed.

Following these tips can surely cut off the time you need to spend making your way through the airport. However, to fully ensure that you will waste no time at the airport, make sure you book an airport transfer service in advance.

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