Apart from having to hire a luxury car chauffeur service for a more comfortable journey around places while on a business trip, having the best podcast and series to enjoy can also help you ease the stress you feel at work.

Keep reading as we have gathered the best books, podcasts, and series you can relish while enjoying your cozy trip while riding a chauffeured-driven car.

Finest Books for Frequent travelers                                   

-The Eagle & The Monk- 7 principles of Successful Change

Apart from reading for leisure, it is also advantageous to continue feeding yourself with all the essential knowledge and wisdom while on a business trip, and that is what this book offers; the seven principles:

  • Accepting and acknowledging worth
  • Building trust
  • Learning by putting yourself to other’s situation
  • Being flexible in changes
  • Develop collaboration
  • Know your strengths, learn from others and be wise
  • Establish better decision-making

-Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers

From learning the seven principles of wisdom, let us jump up to collecting some of the fundamental information from the best personalities.

Tools of titans are about gathering beneficial information from a certain remarkable personality and putting it together on a book. Chapters are filled with superior and substantial particulars that can abet you to do better whether in entertainment, politics, military, business, and athletics — extruding out the habits and routines that are profitable for you as a business traveler.

Best Podcasts

There are various options for the best podcast to listen to, but, as you are on a business trip, it might be best to go for history and influencer related ones.

  • History

Side Door

From agricultural to arts and science-related histories, Side Door will never come to its end when it comes to sharing historical backgrounds, as they have access to the world’s biggest museum. Furthermore, this Smithsonian’s podcast is a family-friendly one and is essential if you’re looking for something that can feed not just your ears but your brain as well.

  • Influencers

TED Radio Hour

This remarkable podcast series goes around the TED speakers who probes on pieces from intellectual influencers sharing altruism, creativity, influence, and even humane city planning. With over a hundred episodes, ride along with TED Radio hour is infallibly the best way to kill tedium while on the road.


The Office

Apart from the comfort while on a business trip, it is also good to have something that will not just entertain you but will bring some smiles on your face and make laugh.

One of the best series to binge-watch while on a business trip, “The office” is about hilarious facts behind awkward humor inside an office. A belly-busting US series that will surely make your trip the most joyful one. One of the best series to binge-watch while on a business trip.


One of the best series to be followed that will surely make you want to watch it over and over again at any place and any time. It’s about friendship, love story, and noteworthy life quotes as well as learnings all in a very enjoying and timeless series. Though it only has five series still, it is that good that you won’t get to imagine you’re already on your destination.

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