There has been a dramatic change in the corporate industry due to the COVID-19 surge, and it drastically continues to change the world as we know it.

With the pandemic still rife in most countries, we are all advised to maintain protocol with sanitation and keep social distancing. These safety precautions have affected many sectors, one of which is the travel industry.

Some countries are now allowing businesses to re-open through the new normal setup, but there are still major challenges ahead. Change and the unknown is drawn in the faces of the public, especially in the corporate industry, as the pandemic surge has substantially affected corporate operations all over the globe.

Infographic about choosing the right Chauffeur Service in the New Normal

With business travel still restricted, and travellers hesitating to use public transportation, the corporate industry still has a challenge to ensure policy meets requirements. Fortunately, travel sectors are doing their best to adjust to the new social situation, one of which is the chauffeur services.

Although some countries have lifted their travel bans, transportation sectors are still advised to monitor their drivers and chauffeur’s physical health strictly.

Behind the risks of their profession, the need for continuous operation through transportation networks has kept the travel sectors going, providing the key workers the chance to travel while keeping social distancing. This gave the industry a chance to gain balance after operations have been reduced due to the virus outbreak. However, getting back to service isn’t as easy as before as per the fact that every sector should follow the new normal.

The Duty of Care from a Chauffeur Service is paramount and implementing the following processes has ensured all passengers have peace of mind and get to their destinations safely.

Meticulous Sanitation

According to the World Health Organization, precise sanitation, hygienic practices, and proper waste management are vital to prevent the spread of viruses. It also protects persons from any disease as well as COVID-19. Thus the public is carefully advised to do as such whether they’re at home, in markets, schools, hospitals, and vehicles.

On the other hand, chauffeur drivers prioritize their client’s safety. They are now implementing a new travel mantra, Sanitation, before and after every journey. Every chauffeur and their vehicles are strictly advised to be sanitized and disinfected before and after each travel service. And, for everyone’s safety, every passenger is also required to follow the same sanitation practice. Hyryde provide Care Kits for all their passengers, so they are well equipped during and after the journey.

Safety Measures  

Utilizing personal protection equipment is very important for chauffeurs as it helps them keep a safe ride for their clients away from any potential virus and infection. This practice might be simple, but it helps a lot in securing everyone’s safety while providing a good quality of transportation service, which is why every chauffeur is briefed with the following details:

  • Masks – Wearing mask provides a protective barrier that prevents any contaminated droplets from a person who’s sneezing or coughing from spreading, which is why chauffeurs are well-versed to wear and are advised their client to do so.
  • Physical Contact- While chauffeurs are recognized with their warm greet towards their clients that includes handshakes, with the current situation, everyone is reminded not to get contact with each other for safety measures.
  • Sanitize. Drive. Sanitize. Repeat- This practice is the new mantra of chauffeur services. Everyone is recommended to perform sanitization before and after driving; the same procedure is implemented for their vehicles as it helps to lessen the risks of getting any contagious viruses.
  • Distance is a MUST- While private transportation services like chauffeurs are known for providing safety while watching after their client’s privacy, keeping distance wouldn’t be a huge matter. Regardless, transportation sectors never fail to remind their chauffeurs to implement this precept.
  • Restriction to Luggage Assistance- Although chauffeurs strictly look after their client’s comfort by assisting in carrying and placing luggage, COVID-19 safety measures on watch chauffeurs are restricted to support without the client’s permission.

While these practices might appear simple for others, a chauffeur who did their best to provide good quality of service despite the current situation, performing the following exercises can prevent further cases.

Strict Health Check and Monitoring

Apart from maintaining cleanliness through sanitation, keeping distance, and utilizing personal protection equipment, every chauffeur’s health state is also important.

As per the fact that some of the active cases of COVID-19 are asymptomatic or do not display any symptoms, carriers tend to spread the virus without their knowledge resulting in further infected cases. This matter has led each organization, including the transportation sectors, to widen their knowledge and improve their ways of preventing the risks of COVID-19 infection.

Conclusion: Although some states already lifted transportation lockdowns, the risks of getting infected by COVID-19 everyone, particularly the transportation sector, are strictly advised to perform necessary measures that can help prevent and lessen the chance of acquiring the disease. However, on the other hand, no matter how cautious enough you might be when it comes to implementing the following safety measures without a reliable service provider, uncertainty can still happen.

Keep your business’s future safe by starting with a trustworthy Chauffeur Service. Hyryde value their clients with courtesy, respect, and dignity. Their unity helps them make things work with or without the pandemic. They have the spirit to serve, the integrity to do what’s right, and the creativity to be able to innovate solutions to provide you the best of services and safety.