For many business travellers, packing is one of the most dreadful parts of travelling. This is especially true for first-time business travellers, where many tend to overpack and dunk everything on their office desk and wardrobe inside their carry-on luggage.

If you are new to business trips, it is important to keep in mind that travelling for business is different from travelling for vacation. Aside from your clothes, you also have to bring essential items such as your laptop, work files, chargers, business cards, pocket Wi-Fi, toiletries, and the list goes on.

So, to help you sort things out, we compiled in this post the top tips you need to know to pack smart in your next business trip.

  1. Choose the Right Luggage/Bag

Unless you will be staying at your destination for months, it is best to stick to the carry-on bag. This not only makes your trip much more manageable but also saves you time from queuing at the airport security. That being said, you need to choose a lightweight and durable bag that meet the airline’s requirements regarding size.

One option is a rolling duffel bag, which is flexible enough to fit into tight overhead compartments. However, if you bring fragile accessories or valuables with you, you may prefer a bag with a harder shell. Make sure your belongings – laptop, files, devices, and other work-related items – will fit snugly in whatever option you choose.

  1. Only Bring a Pair of Shoes

Many business travellers often fail in this area, so be sure plan for this one. Shoes take up much space in your bag, so plan your outfits around one pair of shoes (two at most). For ladies, though it can be tempting to go overboard with flats, and heels, and boots – but it is always more important to be practical. If your trip involves daytime and nighttime activities, it may make sense to pack a pair of heels and a pair of flats.

When packing shoes, make sure the sole is facing the side of the case going around the edge to leave a space in the centre for clothes. Socks, undergarments, and other essential small items should be stuffed into shoes to maximise space.

  1. Use the Bundle Wrapping Packing Method

The best way to pack your clothes is through bundle wrapping method. In this method, you need to wrap your clothes around a central object to avoid the folds that cause creases. This method allows you to pack more clothes but can be a little complicated to execute. You can check out this how-to video from NBC news to learn how to do bundle wrapping packing method.

After you packed your clothes, keep your toiletry bag at the top of your carry-on luggage for easy access. All liquids must be in the right size of containers (less than 100 mL is the current regulation) and should be in a separate clear plastic bags. Make sure your carry-on luggage also allows easy access to your laptop, as you will have to remove it from your bags when going through airport security.

  1. Maximise the “Personal Item”

Aside from your carry-on bag, most airlines allow passengers on board to bring one personal item only if it fits under the seat. You can take advantage of this opportunity to bring that extra outfit that did not fit in the carry-on. You can also put your electronics, chargers, and valuables such as jewellery and travel documents in there, so they can be easily accessed.

  1. Always Bring Backups

It is still a good idea to back up the most important items in your luggage such as your passport, driver’s license, and credit cards. To avoid any hassle, have a high-resolution scan of all these important items on your phone or computer. It is a lifesaver if you ever lose everything

Business trips can get quite exhausting at times, especially if you have to drag heavy bags with you everywhere you go. You will be surprised how much these tips can help you turn your exhausting trip into a relaxing time away from the office.

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