If you are reading this, then you are probably have been tasked to arrange a business trip for your boss. Truth be told, organising a business trip can be very challenging, especially if you are new on the job.  That is why many companies these days hire a travel manager to make such endeavour more seamless to execute.

But it is not impossible even if your job title does not include “travel manager” in it, as long as you know the essentials that make a successful business trip.

So, without further ado, here are the five actionable steps you should follow when planning business travel for your employer.

  1. Book Flights Early

If your boss is going to a popular business travel destination, then make sure to book flights early because flight times on popular routes often sell out fast. In fact, according to a study, the month of January is the best time to book flights because for the first six months of the year before demand and prices spike. The study also reveals that you should avoid booking flights in March as ticket prices can be up to 56% more expensive than the average.

Furthermore, whatever the business your employer has to conduct overseas, it is imperative for them to arrive in a timely fashion. To get them there on time, you should consider booking a nonstop flight, though this may add to the travel’s cost.

The advantage of nonstop flight, however, is that it reduced the risk that your boss may show up late due to lengthy layovers or missed transfer flights.  Regardless, coordinate with your boos beforehand so you know which one will work best for them.

  1. Pre-Book a Quality Accommodation

Choosing a good hotel is critical because it is where your boss will likely spend most of his/her time after their appointment. If your boss is attending a conference, then you can ask the organisers if they are offering an exclusive deal with a particular hotel. Also, do not forget to ask for a complimentary room upgrade when you book – especially if your company book a hotel chain regularly or you are making a reservation for a group.

  1. Reserve a Decent Restaurant

Travelling overseas for business purposes often leaves little to no time for finding a decent restaurant or food joint. Ask your boss what they would like to eat for each time of the day, and how many people are travelling with them and then make reservations on their behalf.

Make sure to ask your boss about their if they have any allergies or dietary requirements before you confirm the reservation. However, if your boss would like to keep things flexible, then just research a handful of restaurants ahead then provide them with a list of suggestions so they can choose for themselves when they arrive.

  1. Outline an Itinerary

Once you have finished finalising the majority of the trip, you need to make an itinerary for your employer. The plan should detail how meetings and other appointments fit in with the reservations you have made. Also, point out where they have free time, so they know when they can spend personal time with themselves. Having time for leisure during business trips is essential to avoid burnout, especially if your boss has been road warrior for a long time now.

  1. Pre-Book a Quality Ground Transportation

Business travel can be physically demanding, especially if they are required to travel to different point of destinations during the full stretch of the trip. To make all those commitments more manageable and easier to attend, it would be wise to pre-book a chauffeur service, such as Hyryde.

By pre-booking a chauffeured service with Hyryde’s mobile app, you can efficiently provide your boss with a dedicated driver that will drive them from the airport to meetings, or out to dinner with the minimum hustle and bustle. Furthermore, the comfort and the professionalism that our fleet and chauffeurs provide will enable your boss to become more productive while on the road.

Impressing your boss will require you take the notches of your job of organising business trips higher. Follow all these tips, and your boss might just tag you along with them in their next travel!

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