In order to grow and succeed in today’s fast-paced business world, many professionals and companies rely on an efficient corporate travel plan. Whether it is an annual conference or regular business meetings abroad, it is incredibly essential to have a travel plan that is appropriate to the needs and goals of the organisation.

However, doing all the legwork themselves can be an unwise choice, and worse – can lead to unproductive and risky business trip. For this reason, companies where business travel plays a crucial role in their overall development hire a specific person to take care of things required for a successful business trip – the business travel manager.

From finding the best flights and the most comfortable hotels to booking the service of airport transport service, travel managers and their teams are tasked to carry out a wide variety of activities – all of which are crucial to ensuring a safe, productive, and successful business trips.

So, if you consider your business travel planning to be a headache, then you might just need a corporate travel manager to take charge of the business. Check out this post as we discuss the four compelling reasons business travel managers are crucial to the success of your corporate travel program.

  1. They Are More Capable of Creating Effective Itineraries

One of the advantages of having a capable travel manager is they can create a reliable and immersive itinerary for your business trip. If you are a first-time business traveller, an excellent travel manager can help you in scheduling your trip to ensure that you have ample time for everything, including downtime and recreation. This guidance is essential to minimise the potential of business travel burnout of those who have been on the road for a long time.

A competent travel manager also has the power to change your itinerary on short notice, thanks to their connections with airlines and hotels. So, if you find scheduling your business trips challenging, it might be a perfect opportunity for you to hire a corporate travel manager.

  1. They Possess Breadth of Breadth of Industry Knowledge

Travel managers frequently check travel websites, travel corporations, hotel chains, and airlines, meaning they know a few secrets that can help you maximise your corporate travel budget. They know which travel websites offer the best deals, which expense management tool are the most useful, the best booking times, which hotels have a “last minute discount” policy, which mode of ground transportation to use, and much more.

  1. They Know How to Pick the Right Travel Supplier

If you have been booking the first flight that suits your schedule, or have been booking the first hotel that is nearest to your point of destination for years now, then it is a sign you need to hire a business travel manager.

A travel manager carefully assesses flights to ensure that it does not include two stopovers at separate airports. They can create a satisfying experience by booking the right hotel, taking into consideration the potential for travel burnout, your work schedule, and your need for sleep.

Finally, they know the benefits of chauffeured ground transportation service, and how such service is a more practical choice given the increasing number of risks associated with business travel.

  1. They Have More Time to Research and Negotiate

Much of the success of corporate travel depends significantly on proper research and negotiation. Corporate travel managers have the required time and resources to find the best supplier fit your budget and needs. Furthermore, they have negotiation skills that most typical executive travellers do not have, and you can be sure that they will only deal with the right service provider that can handle your travel needs.

If planning corporate travel is challenging endeavour for you, then it might be time to invest in the expertise of a business travel manager. After you hired a travel manager, check out our previous post which provides some tips and tricks for writing an effective corporate travel policy.